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Car-tire Pick And Use

According to statistics, abnormal death in the traffic accident mortality accounted for a considerable proportion, and traffic accidents due to the problem of automobile tires and accounted for more than 70%. Owners concerned about vehicle performance, fuel consumption, etc., while the daily use and maintenance of automotive tires should become the focus of attention.

Car tires choose to vary depending on the car

When the car tire wear, the car for the new car tires is the owner of each issue can not be avoided. Do you want to change the original car tires? FAW technicians said that the car factory will generally identify a number of car tire companies for their own support, so the priority for the original car tires at the same time, the owner can also according to their own needs, dress up other brands of car tires.

Car tires pattern, width, flat rate are all important indicators to determine the performance of automotive tires. In order to improve the vehicle traction and control performance, you can dress up sports car tires; in order to improve ride comfort, then you can change the car's tires; Can be used for special travel car tires.

It is worth recalling that if you want to improve vehicle grip, then the facelift of the car tires in the wear resistance and noise will be poor performance; and for wear-resistant car tires, it provides traction for the vehicle will be weak; High flattened car tires feel comfortable, but the road will be bad, the vehicle side of the steering resistance is poor; on the contrary, low flat rate car tires to make vehicles with better handling, but to sacrifice some ride comfort At the expense of. So the owners in the election car tires must be clear what their needs and the purpose of what, so will be more targeted.

Select the car tires must pay attention to check the car tire side signs are clear and complete, if there are smear or knife marks, the owner must make a question mark. Because the car tire business on the issue or inventory of car tires will be punctured, this car tire factory name, trademark and other signs in the factory will be treated with chemicals, etc., is called the pin.

What is more, there are some car tire signs are cut off is likely to be the quality of the car tire was identified as the problem of waste tire.

There is also a situation is the car tires logo is re-posted up, it is easy to be scraping down the fingers. This is a post-labeling car tires is likely to be refurbished car tires. Anti-vehicle tires are abnormally worn

Wear is normal for car tires, but sometimes because of improper use of car owners or car tires are not allowed to wear and tear, these are not normal, need to cause the owner of the vigilance.

Car tire wear on both sides may be too large car tire and ground contact area caused by excessive. It is likely that the long-term car tire fatigue or vehicle overload caused by driving. Car tires are worn too large: this is due to the tire tires are not allowed to locate. When the current roll angle is too large, it will give the car tire outside the excessive pressure, bring significant wear and tear. On the other hand, when the camber is too small, the inner side of the car tire is easy to form wear; the middle part of the car tire wears seriously, when the car tire and the ground contact area is small, and the ground friction pressure all by the middle part of the car tire bear, will bring the car tire Tire intermediate parts wear serious consequences.

This is probably due to excessive inflation caused by excessive deformation of the car tires, although the reduction in contact with the ground area, saving fuel, but also accelerated the car tire loss. In addition, if the narrow wheel on the application of a wide car tires will cause the middle part of the car tire over the consequences of wear and tear.

Automobile tire irregular wear may be due to poor balance of car tires, when the vehicle at high speed, is the individual parts of the car tire caused by excessive force. If the owner of the process of driving, when the sense of a certain speed to open the direction of the vehicle when the jitter, then we must guard against the wheel balance problem, and early inspection to prevent non-normal wear and tear.

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