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Alloy Wheel Strong Impact Resistance

On average, each aluminum alloy hub weighs 2 kg lighter than the same size steel wheels, and the alloy wheels and cars can save 10 kg. According to Japanese experiments, alloy wheels weigh about 5 cars per 1 kg, about 20L per year, or save gasoline. According to a study published by the American Society of Automotive Engineers, although the aluminum alloy wheels are more expensive than ordinary steel wheels, each vehicle is running 20,000 kilometers and fuel is enough to recover the cost.

According to the engine load and power curve, the alloy wheel, when the load increases to a certain extent, its power is reduced, the profit margin will indicate that the engine load per unit will be more difficult (especially fuel consumption), the engine load is reduced, Fail to extend life.

The thermal conductivity of aluminum is three times that of steel. Cooling effect is good, long-distance high-speed driving, but also to keep the tire at the appropriate temperature, alloy wheels, so the brake drum and tire is not easy to aging, increase life expectancy and reduce the chances of puncture.

Precision of 0.05 mm, a good balance of operation, the alloy wheel is conducive to the elimination of the general body length and steering wheel jitter phenomenon.

Aluminum alloy wheel impact resistance, tension, heat and other strength, higher than the steel wheels. This is also one of the important roles of aluminum in the defense industry, and the aviation industry of alloy wheels plays an important role.

General steel wheels due to production restrictions, the form of monotonous, lack of change; aluminum wheels have a variety of design, coupled with luster, color effect is good, alloy wheels thus improve the value of cars and aesthetics.

Mainly the same light and beautiful, the size of the same family of wheels, at least than the steel light aluminum alloy wheels 1 - 2 kg plus the proportion of the body is 4 times, alloy wheels, traffic load at least less than the traditional steel wheel about 20 - 30 kg Most of the original car wheels are better than the small round aluminum wheels, reaching the balance of the weight of the aluminum alloy toughness steel material, but the reverse strength of the collision and vibration intensity is slightly lower, the alloy aluminum wheel is not easily deformed, high strength And steel is easy to small fluctuations in the serious impact of the wheel is not easy to break and fall off, and aluminum alloy will be broken phenomenon so the aluminum wheel, alloy wheel is mainly by car, light, beautiful, is the main advantage

Fuel-efficient: aluminum alloy wheels per kilogram lighter than the average, 5 cars can save 10 kg of weight. According to Japanese experiments, the weight of alloy wheels is reduced by 1 kg each year, saving 12 liters of gasoline a year, in the same fuel consumption, you can run 600 - 800 meters.

The kinetic energy generated by the engine, when delivered to the tire to overcome the load is the moment of torque, torque = weight x distance square, alloy wheels, so the weight is only 2 kg, but the torque difference is quite large.

Increased engine life: According to the engine load and efficiency curve, when the load is to some extent, the anti-reduction efficiency, the marginal effect, this time for each additional unit load, the engine will be more difficult, especially fuel consumption, engine load The reduction of the alloy wheel naturally reduces the failure to prolong life.

Heat dissipation: 20 degrees Celsius, metal thermal conductivity: 356.2 aluminum alloy: 0.53, steel: 0.18, chromium: 0.16. It can be seen that the thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is 3 times the steel, cooling effect is good, long-distance high-speed driving, alloy wheel also keep the tire temperature, brake drum and tire is not easy to aging, improve life and reduce the chances of puncture.

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