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Alloy Car Wheel Tire Knowledge

Most of the owners know the risk of puncture do not know the daily maintenance of the tire, do not know how to maintain the tires in a tire pressure to be safe, in fact, tire tire tire pressure is stressful, not too high nor too Low, and in different seasons to be treated differently, in addition, Alloy Car Wheel the tire wear is also a deadline, if you find the tires of Chinese have been worn out of the way to replace, grasp the knowledge of tires, not only can save fuel consumption, but also to ensure that Driving safety.

Car faithful all know that the car's tire pressure must be appropriate, neither too high nor too low, but the specific number of tire pressure is appropriate? In fact, Alloy Car Wheel the automobile manufacturers have special provisions on tire pressure, please follow the mark , Must not exceed the highest value. Tire tire pressure is too low or too high will affect the tire's own life and fuel consumption. Alloy Car Wheel Tire pressure is too high will focus on the body in the tread center, resulting in rapid wear center tread. And tire pressure is too low to make the tire ground area is not uniform, wear increased, increase the rolling resistance, increase fuel consumption.

Left and right tire pressure to be consistent. Alloy Car Wheel When the side of the tire pressure is too low, driving, braking the vehicle will be on the side of the deviation. Also note that the same axle on the two tires should be exactly the same specifications, different manufacturers, Alloy Car Wheel different tires can not be used for both front wheels, or there will be deviation phenomenon.

Tires are to be naturally worn, so the factory tire in the factory will be marked in the sidewall wear limit, to indicate the tire real-time wear conditions. In daily use to regularly check the tire wear and tear, to prevent serious wear and tear affect the use of tires. Tires will be aging, in general, Alloy Car Wheel the normal use of tire life is 4-5 years, after 5 years even if the tread wear is also very small and the best replacement.

There is also a situation, some owners of the route is more bumpy, complex road conditions, the tire wear is more serious, if there is tires, carried out three or four times the tire, but also consider the safety factor, the best of this tire Exchange to non-drive wheels or rear wheels to reduce the risk of puncture.

At present, green and environmental requirements are becoming more and more strict, environmental protection will become a permanent theme, some tire manufacturers have to produce energy-saving tires, Alloy Car Wheel this tire is not only long life, and fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly, to reduce vehicle exhaust emissions, in the future In the production of cars, energy-saving tires or will become mainstream.

Although the tire pressure to be appropriate, neither too high nor too low, Alloy Car Wheel but the tire pressure can not be static, with the changes in season and road conditions. Winter to properly increase the tire pressure, winter outdoor temperature is low, the impact of thermal expansion and contraction of tire pressure will be reduced, if not appropriate to increase tire pressure, Alloy Car Wheel not only will increase the car's fuel consumption, but also accelerate the wear of car tires. Usually in the highway driving, tire pressure should be increased by 10%, in order to reduce the heat generated by friction, thereby enhancing the safety of traffic. Alloy Car Wheel Therefore, in different seasons, the appropriate tire pressure is not the same, the owner will change with the season to replace the car tire tire pressure to extend the tire life.

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