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Alloy Car Wheel Develop Rapidly

The automobile industry, especially the re-energy vehicles in the international policy to stimulate the rapid development of new energy vehicles, including pure electric vehicles, Alloy Car Wheel extended range of electric vehicles, hybrid cars, fuel cell electric vehicles, hydrogen engine cars, Alloy Car Wheel other new energy vehicles. The rapid development of new energy automotive industry, driven by domestic forging aluminum alloy wheel industry development. Mainly on the domestic new energy vehicles forged aluminum alloy wheel market demand and production status were reviewed.

Energy, environment and security are the three major issues in the world today. The development of the automobile industry and the popularization of automobile applications are closely related to these three problems. With the modern car energy saving requirements continue to rise, Alloy Car Wheel increasingly stringent safety and environmental regulations, automotive lightweight requirements more urgent. The aluminum alloy has the advantages of light weight, Alloy Car Wheel high strength, good formability and high recovery rate. It has become the first choice for the automobile industry to reduce the weight of the car, save the tire, reduce the fuel consumption, Alloy Car Wheel reduce the environmental pollution and improve the operation performance. The wheel is also affected by the pro-Lai!

1. own light Forged aluminum ring weight is only equivalent to half the weight of the ring to 22.5X8.25 for example; forged aluminum ring for 24 kg, the ring for at least 48 kg.

Save fuel. After the installation of forged aluminum ring, due to the reduction of the weight of the vehicle, reducing the rotation of the wheel inertia, the vehicle acceleration performance, Alloy Car Wheel and a corresponding reduction in the demand for braking energy, Alloy Car Wheel thereby reducing fuel consumption, coupled with forging aluminum ring unique air Flow and rolling resistance, so 100 km test savings rate for every 100 km to save at least 2 liters of oil (replacement forging aluminum ring and the use of air conditioning after 100 km fuel consumption than forged aluminum ring is not open air conditioning fuel consumption test, Alloy Car Wheel the former than after Low fuel consumption of 2.5 liters).

3. Tire wear reduced by 26%. Due to the characteristics of the forging ring, Alloy Car Wheel its balance is 0, not easy to deformation, loose temperature (normal running temperature lower than the ring 20-30 degrees) on the suspension system protection is better, so the tire wear greatly reduced Each tire to run more than 5-8 million km).

4. Brake maintenance costs are reduced. Alloy Car Wheel As the characteristics of forging aluminum ring temperature is very fast, the normal running temperature is low, so the brake system is not high temperature materials and accessories have excellent protection effect, thus greatly reducing the braking system maintenance costs.

5. Carrying capacity is high, forging ring bearing energy is 5 times the ordinary iron. Alloy Car Wheel Forged wheels in the bear after 71200 kg deformation of 5 cm. Iron ring only to withstand 13600 kg has been deformed 5 cm, in other words, the strength of the forging wheel is more than 5 times the steel ring.

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