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Alloy Car Wheel Advantage

The hub, the alias rim, the tire inner frame to support the tire's drum-shaped, center-mounted components on the shaft. Common car wheels are steel wheels and aluminum alloy wheels. Steel wheels of high strength, commonly used in large trucks; but the quality of steel wheels, a single shape, do not meet today's low-carbon, fashion concept, is gradually replaced by alloy wheels.

Advantages of alloy wheels

(1) Compared with the steel car wheels, the advantages of aluminum alloy wheels is obvious: the density is small, about steel 1/3, which means that the same volume of aluminum alloy wheels than the steel hub light 2/3. Statistics show that the quality of vehicle vehicles by 10%, fuel efficiency can be increased by 6% to 8%, so the promotion of aluminum alloy wheels for energy-saving emission reduction, low-carbon life is of great significance.

(2) aluminum thermal conductivity is high, and steel thermal conductivity is low, so under the same conditions, aluminum alloy cooling performance is better than steel wheels.

(3) fashion beautiful. Aluminum alloy can be time to strengthen, without aging treatment of aluminum alloy wheel slab low strength, easy processing and molding, and after corrosion treatment and coating after the coloring of aluminum alloy wheel color and diverse, exquisite beauty.

In order to meet the needs of the use of functional and market demand, aluminum alloy wheels in the structure of the overall and multi-piece combination of a variety of structural design; in appearance appearance with wide spokes, narrow spoke, multi-spoke, less spoke and other design The For safety reasons, the appearance of the aluminum alloy wheel and structural design must meet the safety and use of functional requirements for the premise. For an ordinary passenger car, the integral alloy hub is sufficient to meet its performance requirements.

Aluminum alloy wheels of the type, structure more, the requirements of the vehicle, models vary, but both the strength and accuracy is the most basic common requirements. Through the market research that the wheel hub should have the following performance:

1) material, shape and size of the right and reasonable, can give full play to the tire function, and tires interchangeable, with international versatility;

2) when driving, vertical and horizontal vibration pendulum small, offset and inertia moment is small;

3) under the premise of lightweight, with sufficient strength, stiffness and dynamic stability;

4) with the shaft, the tire is good separability;

5) has excellent durability;

6) its manufacturing process to achieve product quality and stability, low cost, multi-species, large-scale production and other requirements.

The forming method of automobile alloy wheel

At present, the production methods of alloy wheels are casting method, forging method, stamping method and spinning method. China's alloy wheel manufacturing is still the main low-pressure casting, some advanced manufacturing process has not yet adopted. But the alloy wheel manufacturing technology in the continuous development, in order to improve its performance, and now to the extrusion casting (liquid forging) forming, semi-solid die forging direction of the development trend

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